A Windy Setback

As weather fronts collided yesterday morning the wind grew powerful. I believe the gusts were about 50 mph. I could barely stand up. When I latched the paddock gate open so the cows could leave the barn, the force of the wind ripped the 2-inch eyebolt out of the wood and slammed the gate shut.

More seriously, the wind peeled all the expensive ice and water shield off the back of the house roof. When I saw Nick at 4 PM, he was tired and discouraged. The howling wind conditions were not safe for him to be on the roof but he’d tied on a rope and gone up anyway.

The setback was not only one of time (which is also money) but of money in ruined materials. Nick said distractedly that he would have to replace the ice and water shield with something less expensive. I’m juggling expenses to the last nickel but I’m going to see if I can possibly cover the difference between the two grades of replacement material.


 *    *   *   *  

I am sick and miserable. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing to the point of choking, not sleeping.

Roger the shearer comes today. He has to be booked so far in advance, I can’t reschedule. Normally on shearing day while Roger shears, I worm the sheep and trim their hooves. It’s particularly helpful to do this on shearing day because Roger will always kindly take a few extra minutes to tip the big rams on their bottoms for hoof trimming — a feat that is beyond me, although I am bigger than Roger.

However today I am so exhausted I think it may be all I can do to muck the barn and shuttle the sheep through the various stalls on their way to and from their haircuts. I’m forgiving myself in advance.


2 Responses to A Windy Setback

  1. Shawn says:

    We had that wind here a few days ago. It is so frustrating because you just can’t do certain things. Sorry to hear about the roofing materials, that’s a bummer.

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    I am so sorry that your so sick. It’s not the flu? Would your homeowners insurance cover the damage to the ice shield? Hope you feel better soon.

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