Sheetrocking the Upstairs

I hadn’t realized the reason Jon and Amanda’s window was left until last was so that a crane in the driveway could lift dozens of sheets of sheetrock through the opening. By the time the window went in, stacks of sheetrock leaned against every wall on the second floor.

Nick and Mike started by sheetrocking the ceilings. Our room…

Jon and Amanda’s room…

… and finally, Lucy’s room. However, before Lucy’s ceiling could be tackled, they had to build access into the attic, the space above the mudroom that connects the new house to the old garage. This meant pulling off the old sheathing and framing a doorway.

I am very excited to have a walk-in attic. This space was not included in the house cost so I will be insulating it and covering the walls myself. I have sheets of leftover sheetrock from the garage build seven years ago, so I plan to use that. I won’t be taping or using joint compound. I think plain drywall will be fine. It is an attic.

After the new section of wall was framed, Lucy’s ceiling went in.

Once that was done, the work seemed to go very quickly. Every day I’d stop by after teaching and more walls would be up. Our room…

Jon and Amanda’s room …

… Lucy’s room (and Lucy, inspecting between ski races).

The stacks of sheetrock dwindled. The closets, the bathrooms, the stairwell were all enclosed.

Last week they started the first floor!


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