A Little Heart-lift

I have been feeling tired and anxious. With the house I have hundreds of decisions to make, often with financial repercussions, usually under time pressure. Work is busy. Poor DH has had a grueling schedule, on the road constantly. On Tuesday he drove out at 4:30 AM and drove back at 11:30 PM. Every night he’s had a dinner interview or a Skype appointment. I am juggling bills, taxes, deadlines. What can I pay now, what can I defer? There are so many stacks of paper everywhere I’m afraid I’ve overlooked something. The worry is making it hard to sleep.

Meanwhile the weather has been raw and dreary. Grey skies, wet black tree trunks, icy mud. The air is warmer than the snow, which causes a cold mist to form and roll along the ground, like something from a monster movie.

After work on Tuesday I drove down to the farm in a hurry to do barn chores before rushing into town for an appointment. I glanced up at the house as I slammed the door of the truck.

The door to the future screen porch was going in!

For the next half hour as I trundled wheelbarrow-loads of dirty bedding out to the manure pile, I watched the work. By the time I left the farm, the door was in.

My heart lifted. These little gifts — with their promise that despite all the setbacks over the years, and all my worries now, the house really is going to happen — keep me going.


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