Hit the Wall

Yesterday my boss stopped me in the school dining room and asked in concern, “Are you sick?”

This is not a good thing to hear when you are, in fact, not sick. It means, “You look terrible.”

I am tired. I am over-tired. I have hit the wall.

This morning I got in my truck and despite every maneuver, could not get it to drive forward. The front right wheel is locked. After taking the truck to three different shops last winter, all of which charged me a lot of money and none of which could find a problem, despite replacing brake calipers, lines, and more, I brought it home and just dealt with it when it locked up briefly while turning on slippery surfaces at low speed. I had planned to take the truck back to the Chevrolet dealer where I bought it and get a true diagnosis. Just two days ago I had made plans with Mike to carpool the half hour there and back. Make appointment at Chevy place was on my list for today. But now suddenly I can’t even get the truck to move. Sigh.

I have been looking forward to this weekend with yearning. Now it is here, and I have so much to do and no energy.

Maybe if I take the dogs for a hike, their joy will be infectious.

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