A Disappointing Design

Yesterday I discovered an unfortunate wrinkle in the house plan. The porch posts are centered on the house’s front windows. Thus the “views” from both the living room and the office are of a 2×6 post. If I had known enough to ask for a computer visual, I would have caught it, and asked for either the windows or the posts to be moved, but I did not know.

I’m very disappointed. To me this shouts “punk design,” a favorite phrase of the pilot Charles Lindbergh for basic errors in design that defeat usefulness. Having a window’s view blocked by a post seems punk indeed. I feel like a fool. Though I am not the one who drew the plans, I okayed them. The buck stops here.

There is nothing that can be done about the problem now. I let the house company designer know about the issue in a polite email, in hopes I could save some other homeowner a similar sad discovery. In return I received an email requesting approval of door swings for my final bill. Really?

I have to let it go. Instead I am trying to focus on design choices that I initiated and insisted on that make me happy. Here is the view from our bedroom. Breathe in, breathe out.


3 Responses to A Disappointing Design

  1. Missy says:

    Oh, that is disappointing. Maybe hanging baskets each side of the post could provide a pleasant feature?

  2. Ray Sancho says:

    I had the exact problem. My porch columns were 8′ apart and I needed 16′ of clear span. So I purchased 16′ LVL’s and spanned across the columns to be removed, nailed the LVL to the existing header and removed every other column and then purchased some Simpson strong-tie post caps to attach the remaining columns to the header. Just an idea for you.

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