Porch Progress

We’ve had two hazy, hot, steamy days and the men have finished framing and sheathing the porch roof. It is very exciting to me.

Nick of course did not wear sunscreen. His shoulders and back are burned to a crisp. I have had to restrain myself from scolding him like a mother.

I have investigated Ray’s brilliant suggestion of replacing the outside “sandwich” boards of the porch header with LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber, extremely strong) and then removing the regrettable posts in front of the front windows. The engineer says it would work fine.

Unfortunately, LVL is thicker than 2″ lumber (which is planed to 1.5″, as opposed to LVL at 1.75″). More problematically, even at the early stages of porch construction the men simply could not imagine pulling everything apart and going backwards — especially with our move-in date of June 30 bearing down on them like a freight train. Nick is already planning to work nights on the interior.

His father Mike had the thought of bolting a steel plate across the inside of the header, and then covering the plate with wood so it is invisible. They are going to look into it with the house company. If this idea doesn’t work, I will, of course, live with posts in the view. There are worse problems in life.

The house company is aware that this was a design oversight, and I believe they won’t let it happen to anyone else. That may have to be enough.

*   *   * 

In the meantime, every night after dinner I am poring over lists and product reviews. So many decisions, so much potential expense. I wish items were labeled: This is the plain, reliable, no-fuss version for people who don’t care about designer toilets.

I’d buy the entire house line.


2 Responses to Porch Progress

  1. Jack Merritt says:

    If the house company is aware that this is a design problem, then perhaps they should be responsible to fix the problem.
    Good luck,but if that fails it will be nice anyway.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you, Jack. I misspoke. They acknowledge that I am not happy with their design. They may secretly think I am correct that it’s a dopey design. But they do not say it was their mistake; after all, I okayed the drawings. They have offered to “help” correct it. I hope they will. I suspect it will depend on how expensive any potential fix may be.

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