Doors and Paint Decisions

The front door is in! I have been waiting for this for a long time.

I’ve worried about this for almost exactly as long. For some reason that now feels elusive, at the hour to choose doors I chose a solid front door with sidelights, rather than the usual six-light door I have everywhere else.

A friend in Maine whose home I admire has a front door with sidelights. The big old farmhouse that Kimberly and her husband are renovating is beautiful; I think I was hoping that by copying her door, something of Kim’s lovely taste would magically rub off on me. But now I am anxious.

Here is the door from the front. (As you may surmise from the angle, the sloped front yard has not yet been graded nor the porch steps built.) My concern is that I missed an opportunity to make the dim front hall (north-facing and further shadowed by a ten-foot porch roof) marginally brighter. Here it is from the inside…

…using the camera flash for light. In actuality it is indeed a darkish space. However, I tell myself robustly that it will be fine. I do that a lot these days.

In more exciting progress, the window in the basement has been installed —

… and so has the basement door. With both in, the entire cellar is instantly less of a dark cave.

Meanwhile, I’ve made important paint decisions.

Remember my worry about yellow for the kitchen? All the choices seemed wrong — too neon, too mustard. I spent a lot of evening hours researching yellows online. Finally I thought I had hit on just the right one: Pale Straw. I bought a sample, and as a test I decided to paint a piece of white posterboard with Linen White (the main house color, chosen after lots of hand-wringing) on the left, and Pale Straw on the right. I worried they might clash.

Here they are.

It was at this moment that I finally was able to laugh at the timidity and worry that have been gripping me over every single house decision. Linen White and Pale Straw do not clash — they are almost indistinguishable! And both are so pale as to be nearly invisible.

I belatedly realized that two rooms in this house in which we are living are yellow. I rummaged in the basement and found the rusty can. It is Weston Flax. Now I painted my poster again, adding Provence Creme (my original bright yellow) on the far left and Weston Flax on the far right.

Weston Flax looks gold-tone on the poster board, but not in the two rooms in this house. I think it will be fine. I made that decision. The kitchen will be Weston Flax! Done!

Meanwhile Lucy looked at her Fresh Mint and agreed it was a little too close to “Electric Blue Toothpaste.” She has changed her choice to Italian Ice Green.

Now I just have to pick a white for the doors and trim and all the paint decisions are made. Phew!


2 Responses to Doors and Paint Decisions

  1. Missy says:

    I love the front door. It’s sturdy and solid, but the slim glass panels are elegant.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thanks, Missy. It is an inexpensive steel door but I do hope it will be nice when it is painted. That will be the next quandary: what color to paint the front door!??! 🙂

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