Crossing Off the Days

I’m in countdown mode here. Every evening after I successfully solve the last problem of the day (“What will I serve for dinner?”), I’ve felt victorious. Another day in the bag!

However I’ve been so busy rushing — from town to buy gasoline to barn chores to teaching to correcting tests to painting the attic to cleaning the apartment for arriving renters to barn chores to cooking dinner — that I’ve entirely overlooked one essential: laundry.

Yesterday I realized the full laundry basket was topped by an additional two-foot-deep pile of dirty jeans and socks. This problem always reminds me of the movie Notting Hill, when Hugh Grant asks his roommate why he is wearing scuba gear to eat breakfast.

“A combination of factors, really. No clean clothes.”

“There never will be, you know, unless you actually clean your clothes.”

“Right. Vicious circle.”

I started a load this morning before baking two loaves of chocolate chip bread for my 8th graders. Tonight I show the last movie of the school year. Ten more days!


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