A Family Weekend

It was a busy weekend, blessed by family. My daughter-in-law Amanda, my brother Mac, and my niece Lizzy all arrived Friday afternoon.

Lizzy will be in town for the summer for a job; Mac was her loving chauffeur. Amanda came up to visit and help with house decisions. She also brought a car-load of used furniture that she and Jon had picked up for me in Connecticut from Craigslist.

I spent a lot of the weekend researching appliances on holiday sale. After many hours of reading reviews, I decided on a washer, a dryer, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a stove. I even got Sears to agree to give me the extra 5% off without using a store card. (The only thing I need to know before I order is: gas or electric dryer?) Of course I had Lucy and Amanda okay my choices. They are both canny shoppers.

I also wrote a lease for a college student who will be renting the farm apartment for the summer. On Sunday morning the girls and I drove down with cleaning supplies and did some last-minute vacuuming and dusting. The renter arrived shortly afterward to sign the lease and drop off a few of her things.

Meanwhile it was lovely to catch up with my big brother, and to show him through the new house. Mac is an unfailingly kind and encouraging person.

On his way out of the Adirondacks, he took me to the Chevrolet dealer to pick up my repaired truck. Instead of dropping me off to get on the road for his long drive, Mac walked me in and waited patiently while I paid the bill. His thoughtfulness reminds me so much of our father. I can’t wait for the house to be finished so he can come up to visit more often.

The girls helped me visualize our furniture needs for the new living room by pushing a giant cardboard box (representing a couch) and cardboard sheets (representing a bookcase) into various positions. We are now sure that a full sofa would be too big for the space and that we need to find a loveseat and club chairs. Lucy had helpful thoughts about colors. Amanda had the excellent idea to look for swivel chairs, that could turn easily between a focus on the fireplace and a focus on the room. All this clarity is a great relief to me, and now that the truck is fixed, perhaps I will be able to make some of it happen.

We accomplished a lot. In between other chores I moved sheep, dug the weeds out of half the apartment path, walked the fence in the back pasture, and repaired a downed line. The girls shopped for groceries and semi-gloss paint, cooked a delicious dinner, and walked the dogs.

It was a lovely weekend. Now it’s back to real life and the job.

It won’t be long now.


2 Responses to A Family Weekend

  1. Shawn says:

    How wonderful to have a family that steps in to lend a hand, an ear, a talent, or just moral support. 🙂

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