Painting Team

A few weeks ago I had the idea that I would paint the ugly OSB in the attic. Because Luke and I put it up with Dean, who was rarely around, it’s not perfectly aligned; edges are rough and the trim slightly cupped. I figured painting it white might make it disappear, so as not to reproach me forever. The attic would be bright and clean and fresh.

I loathe painting. I’m not good at it and I’m generally hot and sticky with paint long before I’m done. However I got the OSB painted with half a can of dual purpose primer and ceiling paint.

Then it occurred to me that maybe Lucy, home on vacation before her job starts, could paint the rest of the room. She was happy to oblige. In two long stints, she got 3/4 of the attic painted before she was claimed by other commitments.

Meanwhile, in the garage apartment I had painted shellac over knots that had bled through the trim in the stairwell. My plan was to repaint it white after the shellac dried. However as I tussled with the site Rocket Lawyer to produce a lease for the new tenant, taught my classes, talked to banks about a mortgage, and rushed from chore to chore, somehow I could not force myself to finish this painting. The renter was going to arrive and the shellac stood out in dozens of ugly orange blotches.

My friend Alison came to my rescue. Alison is a fabulous painter. She has painted the interior of her entire house. She has nice brushes (I buy throw-away brushes); she has a painting outfit; she has patience and skill. Listening to an audio book on her Kindle, Alison repainted all the trim in the stairwell without spilling a single drop on the stairs. It was lovely. It was done!

I knew a godsend when I saw one. So many of the current chores in my life are multi-step. This cannot be done until that is accomplished. The appliances I ordered from Sears on Memorial Day sale are due to be delivered on Friday. They must be stored until the floors of the house are laid. The ideal place would be the garage, but the garage is chockablock with all our furniture. I figured Lucy and I would carry Jon and Amanda’s king mattress and box spring and various other items destined for the second floor upstairs before the interior painting, banister, and stairs were completed — thereby making room for the appliances in the garage. However, before we filled the attic with furniture, it would make sense to finish the attic painting. As the time pressure increased I regretted I had ever had the brilliant attic-painting idea. But then Alison’s fabulous painting skills appeared on my radar.

Last night she stopped by the farm and finished it all.

This is a portrait of a wonderful friend. I am so lucky.

Lucy and I will need to move furniture this morning before work, as the flooring men arrive this afternoon, I work until 7:30 PM, and Lucy leaves for the weekend tomorrow morning. Whew!  

As with so much these days, it will be finished just under the wire. But it will be done!  Yay! Thank you, team!


2 Responses to Painting Team

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Friends like Allison are forever! Pure gold…

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