Yesterday morning Lucy and I carried furniture up the stairs to the attic before I went to work. Everything went well until the king-size mattress. What a bear! We struggled and sweated and pushed and pulled, trying to make it fit through the stairwell. Finally Lucy gave an enormous heave and yanked the mattress up and over the top.

The experience was not as epic as carrying a sofa up four flights of stairs in 100° heat in Saratoga with Jon in 2013, but I was hugely grateful that I have a daughter who lifts weights at the Olympic Training Center.

And when we were done, I had the exact same thought: I am never going to try to carry that down again. If the mattress ever needs replacing, I’ll cut it up with my Sawzall and remove it in pieces.

Lucy leaves for New Hampshire this morning. Mike is going to meet me at the farm after work today and we will try to carry up the rest of the mattresses and box springs before the banister goes in.


2 Responses to Wow!

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    What is Lucy doing in NH?

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