Floors Are Started!

Nick has hired someone to lay the hardwood floors. Both he and his father have outside work on weekends, and time is running out. We are moving in less than thirty days. The floor-layer comes for a few hours each evening after his own working day. He tells me it will take a couple of weeks to floor the whole house. I try not to worry.

The red oak flooring is not perfect. The short boards are varicolored and full of knots, some smoothed with wood putty. The floor-layer said something to me about “seconds.” What it is actually is the cut-off ends from premium boards. I remind myself firmly that I could not afford premium flooring. I am doing the entire house for the cost of flooring just the living room in top of the line. Lucy says, “It will be fine.”

What I know is: 1) it is not vinyl and 2) it is ours. If it was a mistake, it is done. To waste time second-guessing is pointless. Of course I second-guess anyway.

 *   *   *

Mike met me for an hour after work yesterday and with considerable sweating we moved the rest of the beds upstairs, freeing space in the garage for the appliances that are due to be delivered this afternoon. The queen mattress belonging to DH and me is old and worn, the usual hand-me-down. It would make sense to replace it now but I’m out of shekels. Pulling the old one down the stairs and puffing with a new one up will remain a challenge for the future.

DH and I have been getting up at 3:30 AM every day to work. We are both tired, with scratchy eyes and long lists. I plan each day in half-hour blocks of time. Yesterday there was an unexpected problem and while feverishly driving to town to solve it, I was caught in construction traffic and realized I would be late for work. Before I could stop myself I started to sob.

Houseguests arrive today and graduation is tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that by 2 PM this pressure will be over.

2 Responses to Floors Are Started!

  1. Ned says:

    Lucy is right. It will be fine. It is already beautiful. Anyone who thinks otherwise can be reminded the door works both ways.

    I know from experience it is easier said than done but try to relax. Everything is looking great. The only tears you should be shedding should be tears of joy and excitement for a major project nearing completion.

    Take care

  2. Shawn says:

    If you spent all that free time you have (wink) watching TV, you’d know that imperfections in wood flooring are very “in” right now. So you’re in style! Anyway, who cares, if you like it, that’s what matters. If you spend all your time decorating for the next buyer, you might as well rent a place because it’s not truly yours.

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