Made It to The Other Side

We got through graduation. I finished my classes, graded my final exams, printed photos and made memory pages for the twenty departing seniors, wrote half my final reports, prepared the house for houseguests, wrote a speech about my advisee, moved furniture, alerted my contractor to a flooring problem, attended the end of the year play, delivered my speech, and survived the emotional post-graduation reception.

It is our thirty-year habit to return home from this crescendo of the grueling last week of school, pull off our dress clothes, and immediately collapse into a nap. This year it turned out that our guests were staying all weekend and my dog Stash had gotten into something and had a digestive upset. So I was scrubbing floors instead of snoozing, and after moving sheep at barn chores it was time to attend the faculty dinner party. By 10:30 last night (I’ve been getting up at 3:30) I was so tired I felt my brain was melting.

Thankfully I have the day off today. My renter will be moving in and I have some work to do in the apartment before she arrives. I also have to write eighteen more reports, unload furniture out of my truck, go grocery shopping to restock the bare refrigerator, and collect information for two advisor letters. But after a long stretch of minute-by-minute pressure, I may be moving in slow-mo mode. If it doesn’t rain, perhaps I will mow to soothe my frazzled nerves.

I have nothing prepared to serve our guests for breakfast this morning. (I didn’t know they would be here.) However there is coffee and I have farm eggs. At the dinner party I cleverly collected ten pats of butter in a napkin. I will make corn bread and eggs. I will brush through.

Lucy gets home tonight, by tomorrow life should have resumed normal dimensions, and after work we will celebrate my birthday!


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