Not Your Average Toilet-Return Trip

Though I had a million other things to do on a rare sunny day, yesterday I went back to Vermont to return the toilets. Driving onto the ferry to cross Lake Champlain I had a definite sensation of “second verse, same as the first” but I couldn’t stay cranky long. It was blue and breezy, the ferry flag snapped in the warm wind, and sailboats skimmed by.

I reminded myself: how lucky am I to enjoy all this beauty. What a privilege to return toilets! Thank you, God!

At last I arrived at Home Depot, unloaded the heavy boxes, and labored to push them into the store.

The kind people at customer service were startled to see me again so soon, but again could not have been nicer or more cheerfully helpful. Home Depot certainly seems to train its employees well. The return was processed without a hitch.

To recap, I had ordered taller, “chair height” (16.5″ to rim) toilets but clicked on round bowls rather than elongated. The rounds are going back and the elongated are on their way.

Next I drove half an hour further to look at a hutch I had seen on Craigslist. It was listed remarkably cheaply. The woman promised that it was top quality. When I saw it, I realized it was not quite as well-made as she believed, but it was perfectly nice and very inexpensive. (Moving sales as the deadline draws near are a boon to Craigslist scroungers.) With some effort, her son and I managed to take it apart and load it into the truck.

Next I was on my way back to New York via the ferry on the northern end of the lake, to visit Lowe’s for subway tile.

It was very hot and after more than four hours of driving I was starting to flag. I stopped at a gas station for my favorite reward for enduring long days: a cup of coffee and a Hershey bar. Somehow the combination of caffeine, sugar, and fat power me on.

An advantage of having cut off my long hair is that now I can rake my fingers through my damp hair and feel the cooling breeze. Aaahhhhh! A disadvantage is that I do this without thinking, and then pass a plate-glass window and see my hair standing on end like a crazy person.

The people at Lowe’s were not quite as cheerfully helpful as those at Home Depot, but perhaps my hair made them suspicious.

My mission was to buy 1680 white American Olean subway tiles. Somehow I had thought all these would fit in the front seat of the truck. I hadn’t realized that this would be seventeen small but very hefty boxes of 100 tiles. I bought ten and will return for the rest.

Getting through Lowe’s took another hour. Then I stopped to pick up some groceries. By now the lift of my coffee and Hershey bar had worn off. I drove the last hour with thoughts moving… very… very… slowly. I got home at 6 PM.

Lucy informed me that the power had been off all day throughout town. Nevertheless she was busy cooking our supper on the gas stove. I drove down to the farm to do barn chores and returned to a beautiful dinner served on the screened porch: herbed chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and cheese. This was a delicious recipe discovered by Amanda.

Behold the chef!

After supper, in the gathering dusk, she and I settled down to read our books in the living room. Lucy had been babysitting the night before until 1:30 AM. I was knocked out from my long day on the road. As the evening light slowly dimmed, we both nodded off.

At 8:30 PM we roused ourselves to stagger upstairs to bed. The power came back on sometime in the night.

One Response to Not Your Average Toilet-Return Trip

  1. Shawn says:

    What a girl!

    And I must say, “not your average toilet return trip” indeed. How many of us can say we take a ferry to return things to the store?! That’s awesome.

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