Tom… and Moxie

Yesterday Tom and I worked on the basement wall, to bring the recessed 13-foot section of the mudroom foundation forward to be flush with the new walls, so that someday I will be able to sheetrock it. Our plan was to hang treated 2x8s on 2-foot centers along the wall.

First we put up treated 2x4s, which would be nailers for the 2x8s. To attach the 2x4s to the foundation wall, Nick lent us his concrete gun. This is nailer that you load with single .22 caliber blanks and a 3″ concrete nail, and then pull the trigger. It makes a lot of noise (you’re firing a gun! in an enclosed space!) but it gets the job done. I was timid so Tom calmly did all the shooting.

In fact, all day long I was the trusty squire to Tom, the knight — I fetched and carried while he did all the brain work. Each 2×8 had to be cut to length, then notched to lap over the footing.

One problem was that the wall had knots of concrete along the seams of the original concrete forms.

When the 2x8s fell on the seams, Tom used my jigsaw to cut notches for those, too.

It was restful to spend the day with someone so unhurried, patient, and skilled.

I still had leftover foam insulation board from putting in the foundation in 2009. We decided that while we were prepping the wall, we might as well insulate it. I only had to buy 2 more pieces. The new ones were pink; the old ones, blue. Here is Tom, ripping a piece.

Due to seams and other unevenness, we could not keep to perfect 2-foot centers. Thus we overbuilt, adding an extra 2×8. By suppertime, we were done. I told Tom the wall looked like  Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Now all I need is the sheetrock. Someday!

Meanwhile Moxie’s udder is getting bigger and bigger. She has developed the “I’m carrying a portmanteau between my legs” waddle. She is due very soon.


One Response to Tom… and Moxie

  1. Shawn says:

    Yay, cow stuff today! 😉

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