Still No Calf

Moxie is hugely engorged, the ligaments around her tail have relaxed and sloped away, and she can hardly walk due to limping on her right hind leg. Again last night when I returned from Vermont I debated what to do. She had not eaten all day. She was frantic when I let the Terrible Teens out for the evening but kept her in.

Finally I let her out, also — but immediately regretted it. She did not graze (my purpose in letting her out of the safety of her stall), but simply stood cocking her bad leg so no weight rested on it. I chewed my nails.

Ten minutes later we were in a terrible thunderstorm with lashing rain. I tried to shoo her back in, meanwhile armed with a pitchfork to protect me from Mel, the bull, but she staggered further away instead.  Finally I gave up. I am  tired. I have driven to Vermont four times in the past week and have to go back today. It’s all for a good purpose but the long days on the road are wearing me down.

I drove down to the farm in the night but couldn’t see anything in the dark. I’m finishing my coffee and heading back now.




One Response to Still No Calf

  1. Shawn says:

    Cows are tough. Take heart, she’ll be all right. 🙂

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