Tired, Discouraged, A Little Panicky

The headline says it all.

Still no calf. Yesterday I drove to Vermont to pick up the replacement toilets. I hated to burn the day, but that would be another big thing on my list to cross off.

Home Depot had the toilets waiting. I opened the boxes with a nice young male attendant and found one was smashed. Oh, well, I thought. We will still have two ready for our move in a week. As I processed the reorder, with the broken toilet on the counter, my eye happened to fall on the inscription on the box: 10-inch rough. (This refers to the distance from the wall to the center of the rough opening in the floor for the toilet pipe.) The online specifications for this toilet said they were 12-inch. I had checked this meticulously.

All of the toilets, including the broken one, were the wrong size.

I wanted to rub my fists in my eyes like a tired toddler and fall on the floor shrieking. Instead I handed over my credit card to have my money refunded, numbly got in my truck, and drove home.

We move in six days. Time is running out. A great many things are not coming together. I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

Today I have to tend to Moxie (will this be the day?), move the sheep, deal with financial papers, get boxes, and pack my office. I need to reorder toilets. I need to count and order kitchen cabinet pulls. I need to choose and order a kitchen sink. I need to order bathroom floor tiles (the inexpensive ones I chose from Lowe’s don’t work because there are no matching non-slip pieces). I need to decide on and order vanities and sinks (the cabinet person has gone on two different vacations — do I ditch her and call someone else?) I need to choose and order hall lights, bedroom fan lights, and porch lights. I need to choose bathroom paint colors. I need to choose the exterior white paint.

These are a lot of decisions to make.  I hate doing it under intense time pressure. Today I woke up at 2:15 AM in a panic.

Meanwhile last week I realized that my decision to stain the mudroom the color of the apartment trim was a mistake. In my hurry I had not thought it through. More on this problem another day, but it means that in the back of my mind I’m worrying about potential solutions.

At the same time, my lovely builder Nick realized that he had forgotten the farm sink in the mudroom. Back in February he had allowed the electrician to move the electrical panel in the basement to a location that means water pipes cannot be run above it. I am trying to stay calm.

There is a yellow jacket nest in the tall weeds under the apartment deck. So that men from the fuel company can work on piping for the gas stove, I need to weedwhack the area and kill the yellow jackets.

Such is my mood, this seems the easiest and most straightforward task of the day.



2 Responses to Tired, Discouraged, A Little Panicky

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Selden can Home Depot and Lowes ship your orders ASAP since it’s ttheir mistake? Cabinet knobs can be ordered later, if you ditch that person you’ll have to start over with someone new. They must have someone who knows her job.. remember kill the yellow jackets first before weed whacking!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Home Depot agrees with you! 🙂 And I controlled my fury and reached the bathroom cabinet person yesterday. Sending hugs to you and Ed!

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