Moving Forward Moving

Yesterday was a tiring day, spent mostly on the phone and computer. I’ve never liked shopping, I’ve always been extremely anxious spending money, and I fray under time pressure. This building experience has combined all three.

Normally when I am making any sort of purchase I do hours of careful research, reading reviews, weighing advantages and disadvantages against my limited budget, getting outside opinions. When it comes to money, I am the opposite of impulsive. I have zero gambler in me. (I feel sick just walking past the busy slot machines in the Reno, NV airport.)

So, although of course I’m aware how very privileged I am to be worrying about toilets, hall lights, and cabinet pulls, the need to make a dozen expensive decisions on the fly — without weeks of information-gathering! — has felt exhausting.

DH has had a grueling work schedule and leaves for Manhattan at dawn tomorrow. He wanted to help pack in his small way. He stopped where I was working at the computer and asked innocently, “Where at the farm should I put my climbing gear?”

So little is finished at the farm that there is no obvious place to put anything. For several days I have been trying to figure out the choreography — if this can be moved then that can take its place — while not impinging on the construction and painting operations that are going full bore in every room, including the basement and stairwells (both sets of stairs must be installed this week). I have not yet come up with a plan, and the clock is ticking. Somehow, yesterday, dealing with lists and lists, DH’s little question was the straw that broke me.

“I have no idea!” I wailed.

DH was understandably alarmed. “I’ll just put things in the cabin,” he said hastily, patting my shoulder.

The good news is that Home Depot has a fabulous Customer Service department, just as kind and helpful as the people in the store. They apologized profusely for their online errors, they are shipping the correct toilets to me for free, and they gave me a $75 discount on each toilet for my trouble. Moreover, I found the inexpensive floor tile on their website along with the matching non-slip pieces.


*   *   *

Today a couple is coming to tour this house so I must clean for an hour and at least stack our boxes neatly.

But first I will run down to check on Moxie, now huge with calf. Last night her progress out of the barn was so slow and stately (despite her limp), I wanted to call out, “Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch!”


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