A Restorative Afternoon

All of the kitchen cabinets have been installed, though not yet the trim, the island’s back panel, or the counters.

Nick is very careful and the floors are covered with paper and flattened flooring boxes to protect them.

The dining room is stacked with trim pieces.

The living room is set up as a painting operation.

Upstairs looks similar — activity in every room. There are many details that are exciting: door trim!

But with no bathrooms, no water, no kitchen, no staircases, no cleared areas to set up beds, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the house is not ready for us to move in.

I remind myself stoutly that DH and I lived for our first year of marriage in a log cabin in the backwoods with no water and no bathrooms and that there are five more days until the Big Move. Still, my heart flutters with anxiety.

Though our exit date of this house is June 30 (the contracted interior finish date at the farm), due to the holiday the new people are not due to take over until July 5. I planned that we would move June 30 and have this house clean by July 3. I need this to happen. Our move in 2015 was a scarring experience for me and I am determined never to allow anything like it to happen again.

In the meantime the farm was deserted yesterday and after cleaning this house for a visitor tour, I headed down to take on the yellow jackets so our gas line can be installed. The bees had a ground nest under the waist-high weeds which I could not locate without weedwhacking first. Here I am in commando mode: baseball hat, hearing protectors, mosquito hood (would it work against angry bees?), winter gloves, and a full suit of foul weather gear.


Encased in thick rubber, I was sweating. The geese took one look at me and fled, honking. But armed with my snarling weedwhacker, I was Great Yellow Doom to the yellow jackets, and prevailed.

Victory left me so cheerful I decided to mow lanes for the next move of the sheep.

This in turn made me so happy that I spent another two hours mowing off the weeds left behind the sheep. The skies cleared, the sun shone, I was listening to hymns and roaring along over the noise of the mower. All creatures of our God and King, lift up your voice and with us sing! 

It was exactly the replenishment my heart needed.

On the cow front: here is Moxie with bulging udder and vulva at evening chores. It’s impossible to think she can go much longer.


4 Responses to A Restorative Afternoon

  1. Mac says:

    Your kitchen is lovely, so exciting! Deep cleansing breaths, this will all be over soon and you will have a beautiful, brand spanking new home.
    Congrats on the Yellow Jackets, you’ll have to tell me how that’s done! What a beautiful farm you have there… you lucky gal!

  2. Shawn says:

    Do you have your rocking chairs for the front porch? I think Moxie is waiting for you to have a front row seat to her event!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Ha ha… I do have a couple of rockers from my mother but they’re not on the porch yet… the stairs are on the porch! 🙂 But someday!

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