Problem-Solving and Lists

Folks are touring the lake house tomorrow and some of our things are still there. I must finish moving out today. DH and Lucy have been working at the summer camp. My teenage helpers have not been available. With no extra hands it’s been a challenge to get things done. My brain is constantly in problem-solving mode. I make lists on every available scrap of paper.

Yesterday alone at the lake house I managed to carry four filing cabinets and an extremely heavy, 3’x7′, solid birch desktop down the steep stairs from the second floor, across the porch, into the truck, here to the farm, and into the office. The project required multiple trips, sweat, muscle, a lot of cardboard and even a 2×12 to use as sliders. But the heavy lifting is done, apart from the freezer in the basement and DH’s old TV. The rest will probably take me about six hours today.

Yesterday afternoon I put two eyebolts in the ceiling joists here in the farm basement, strung climbing rope between them, and knotted it off to make a twelve-foot closet rod for all the clothes heaped on every surface.

With no stove and our kitchenware buried in boxes, Lucy tossed a salad last night in a wok and I pan-fried a steak on a hot-plate. I haven’t had time to find our china so we are eating off three mismatched plates from Jon’s first apartment. The tiled shower here has not yet been sealed, so we are all going to shower at the lake house today and then I will clean the bathroom again afterward. Since we don’t yet know where our own towels are, we will use some there and then throw a final load of laundry in to wash and dry before we leave.

This morning after mucking the barn and milking, I will take the dogs to the vet to be safe while the builders are on site. I’ll stop at the grocery store to get dinner and some bleach (some of the furniture from storage is moldy) and at the hardware store to buy a shower curtain rod. I’ll take forty-five minutes to move the sheep to fresh grass. If young Nick comes, we will carry a heavy mahogany secretary upstairs to our second-floor bedroom before tackling the freezer and television at the lake house. We will carry our rusty old grill and propane tanks to the metal trash. Then I will pack last boxes and roll up and carry out the last rug.

This afternoon I have to drive an hour to the city to buy shelving materials and a dehumidifier. On the way home I’m going to pick up a newborn bull calf I found at a dairy.

DH leaves on business for a week tomorrow.

2 Responses to Problem-Solving and Lists

  1. Shawn says:

    I’m so glad you got another calf.
    Hang in there, you’re in the homestretch. 🙂

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    Can you find your crockpot? Don’t bother cooking, buy a cooked chicken at the grocery store and potato salad served on paper plates.

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