Over and Out!

The grueling move is over and we are out of the lake house!

Here’s a picture of the last room, vacuumed and baseboards wiped. Once upon a time the walls were lined with three six-foot bookcases, four filing cabinets, a heavy desk, plus DH’s ergometer, and the floor was covered by an 8×12 oriental rug. Empty, the room looks so simple and easy now.

DH thought the people touring would arrive after lunch. I had been working for a little over two hours when the first car arrived at 8:15 AM. I barely kept myself from bursting into tears, but managed to ask politely if the tourers could return at 10.

After they departed I rolled up the carpet. I hadn’t remembered how heavy an 8×12 carpet would be, but I was so fueled by rage and adrenalin that I powered it down the stairs and out of the house with barely a pause for breath. By 10:01 I was wet with sweat, the room was bare, the basement and attic were organized, and I was driving to the farm with a loaded truck. I met the tourers in the driveway and told them I would be back to empty the basement and attic after noon (the cable company was due to arrive at the farm at 11 AM).

Happily, young Nick showed up at lunchtime and he helped me empty the basement and attic. It took two hours to clear each room. We toiled on. Nick is such a cheerful boy that despite my exhaustion my spirits rose steadily as the end came within sight.

Our last job was the easiest. The lake house (built in 1900) had minimal closets so most of our dress clothes had been stored in the attic on racks I had purchased. I washed my hands of basement grime and laid all the clothes out on second-floor beds. Then we disassembled the racks, covered the bed of the truck with a layer of clean plastic, and began to ferry all the clothes down the steep stairs.

Here is Nick, carrying the last load of dress clothes to the truck:

He let out a screech of triumph as we closed the door behind us. And we were done!

I had no energy to unload the truck then — and besides, I had to deal with the cable man, who arrived at 3:55 PM.

This morning I am very tired and there is an amazing amount of work ahead (piles of anonymous boxes and bags stacked everywhere). However I am deeply grateful to be out from under the pressure of the move, to have no threat hanging over me, to turn my focus from dismantling to creating.

Today I will find our linens and make our beds. I will find our dishes and put them away. I will find towels and dishcloths. I will unpack the truck of all our dress clothes. I might even drive an hour to the city for a shower curtain rod! DH left for Colorado yesterday morning for a week on business. I hope to have a lot of things squared away by the time he returns.

Today will be my first real day living on my farm. Hooray!



4 Responses to Over and Out!

  1. Jody says:

    Congratulations!! Enjoy your new home!

  2. Mac West says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  3. Shawn says:

    Hip hip hooray!

  4. Elaine Murphy says:


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