It’s a grey and rainy day today. It has been grey and rainy for days. I’m tired of rain. I’m tired, period.

Of course I remember to count my blessings. The first thing I do every morning is run down to the basement to check: no water coming in! There’s a blessing! Also, how wonderful it is to have rain after several years of scary drought.

However my brain has started to resist the discipline of constant work. Every day I have a long list and it feels harder and harder to push myself through the chores, one by one, all day long. A trick I have learned is to stop waiting for energy or enthusiasm to arrive. As the ad tagline says, Just do it.

I have to get a lot done today because tomorrow we will be on the road all day for a funeral in northern Vermont. The appraiser comes Thursday. There is so much to accomplish, inside and out, to rescue the place from its current Poverty Hollow-ish appearance, with moving, flood, and farming flotsam everywhere between the overgrown, rain-fed weeds.

If only I had more energy.

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