Full of Fill!

It continued by fits and starts, and the builders and I would all decide it must surely be over, only to have the scenario start up again a few days later: trucks rumbling up and down the driveway, carrying in and dumping loads of dirt. However it now appears that the fill-train has finally stopped.

It’s hard to explain how much fill I have.

There is a long double row of two dozen loads along the road to the pond. Someday, when I can afford a bulldozer and operator, I will be able to bring up the grade and start to make that wasteland useful. Another load was dropped in the back field near a bumpy swale where Allen buried rocks and stumps long ago. Someday perhaps I will be able to mow that gullied corner!

About ten loads were dumped by the house.

When I hire an excavating crew to re-sculpt the land around the basement, this fill will help bring up the grade of the front lawn.

I could never have afforded to buy so much fill. I am rich in dirt!

I am so lucky and so very grateful. Thank you, Alison!


2 Responses to Full of Fill!

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    It’s wonderful to have friends in the right place at the right time!

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