The Porch is Fixed!

Back in May I discovered a wrinkle in my house plan. The front porch posts were centered on the windows. This meant the view from both the front windows was of a treated 6×6 post.

I had signed off on these drawings, not realizing the implications, and was distressed to discover my mistake. A reader whom I do not know, Ray, wrote in kindly on this blog to suggest that perhaps the header could be replaced with LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber, a glued, laminated product much stronger than regular lumber) and the posts removed. I conveyed this thought to the house company and it seemed to go nowhere.

Imagine my surprise when LVL boards were delivered with all the interior doors in the next shipment from the company! They had arranged to pay the builders to fix the problem.

There were too many pressing projects to deal with before the men could take a day and a half to go backward and remove the posts. However, last week, with the drive to finish the siding before the second visit of the appraiser, the day finally arrived.

Nick, his father Mike, and Jerry installed 6x6s and jacks to carry the weight of the porch roof.

Taking the header down and apart was an involved process that required many hours. I fretted. Was I a spoiled brat to worry about such a small thing as posts blocking the view?

When the first post came down, I then had the dark thought: does the house look unbalanced and terrible without posts in front of the windows? I chewed my knuckles.

However the views from the windows were immediately much improved. Here is the view to the left from my desk in the office. To the right I look out at Scott’s apple tree.

Now both posts are down and the railing is up. I think it looks fine. Slightly imbalanced, yes, if I’m  honest, but still nice.

It is hard to imagine exactly how the front face will look when the house is done because the end of the porch will be screened, and the mudroom will have its own porch as a counterweight. For now I’m going with fine — and nice — and I’m very lucky. Thank you, reader Ray! Thank you, Northern Homes!

Here is Nick standing on homemade scaffolding, putting up railing for the screen-porch section. See the long pile of dirt and rocks behind him?

Over the past month I collected bids for the grading around the house. This afternoon the outfit with the winning low bid (Ben, who worked for me long ago with Allen) started the job.

Ben couldn’t work very long, due to the dark thunderstorms (this photo was taking at 1 PM) that have rolled in at intervals all week . . . but the work has begun. Yay!


3 Responses to The Porch is Fixed!

  1. Missy says:

    Hi. So happy to see your solution has worked. The house is looking lovely. Haven’t commented much lately; we are in the midst of our own crazy packing adventure. All the animals are sold and we move in 3 weeks, after our holiday. Hopefully things will settle down then and I’ll be back to reading your blog more regularly. Hopefully your rest will come soon too.
    P.S. I was very sad to hear of Andy’s misfortune. I lost all 6 of my young Coronation Sussex chooks recently to foxes and then another few chooks because I forget to shut the chook house. There I was rounding up chooks at 3am from all corners of the paddock where they had fled, and returning them to their house. Horrible. I think coyotes must be worse than foxes. Foxes are sneaky but timid. Coyotes seem brazen. 😦

  2. Shawn says:

    Very happy for you!

  3. Elaine Murphy says:

    Beautiful views!

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