College Bound

Today I take my baby back to school for her sophomore year of college.

We had an eventful summer. Lucy got her driver’s license! We moved. We survived a flood. We set up her new bedroom suite of Craigslist furniture and she loves it. She picked blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and apples on our own land. (In the photo above, she and her friend Evie are making berry pancakes on the griddle.) She was invited by the U.S. biathlon team — cross country ski racing with riflery — to start training with the team.

It was all exciting. I just can’t believe our time is up.

Replacement kitchen cabinets finally arrived on Friday. Really, God? They were mis-ordered again by the lumberyard and do not fit in the space. (We may have giant open boxes in the kitchen forever.) The wrap-around porch is still stacked with lumber and materials. Our hall closets are not set up. Our bedroom floor is still covered with cardboard until the eave sheetrock can be finished. The basement stairs are not installed, so half that room is still piled high. The main staircase is still covered with blue tape. I’ve painted the mudroom ceiling but haven’t yet paneled the walls, so Nick cannot tile the floor. The mudroom front porch has not been started. Only a quarter of the house has a first coat of paint; only half the grading has been done. None of the “extras” — our bathroom shower, the living room fireplace, the tiny back mudroom porch — are even on the radar.

I have another long day on the road tomorrow, and my school year starts Wednesday.

Our summer is over. We’re still not unpacked.

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