Seeding the Yard

Yesterday was a busy day of moving animals. I took down, moved, and re-erected the hard-fenced goose enclosure, then set up a temporary enclosure and moved the sheep from the north pasture to the peninsula, then moved all the shelters and netting fences to the bottom of the south pasture, and finally moved the sheep to the south pasture.

In between these chores I finished setting up the apartment ā€” including scrubbing out the oven ā€” for our new tenant. (For the first time we will have a year-round renter. He is a nice boy and I’m pleased to have found him. The rent should help us with taxes on the farm.)

All of this is to say that I did not start work on safeguarding the new grading from the coming rain until almost time for evening chores.

In a perfect world I would have seeded the dirt with fresh grass seed, raked it in, then covered the whole with a thin layer of hay or straw.

My world is nearly perfect, but not quite.

On September 1st we’d had a killing frost. I was skeptical about grass seed germinating at all in this season. I didn’t want to invest in very expensive seed just to waste it. Instead, I used grass seed on hand from last summer, overlaid with winter rye seed about five years old. I certainly don’t expect great things, but as I filled the seeding bag I whispered to the seeds encouragingly, “Here’s your chance for life!”

I had no time to rake it in. It took me almost an hour just to spread the seed, and DH’s schedule required an early dinner. I raked twenty feet with a nervous eye on my watch and then told myself: the seed is probably too old. It will probably be washed away in the rain anyway. But I felt guilty as I went indoors to fry pork chops.

At 8 PM I was spreading hay in the dark. My hay is second-cut and very soft. It wanted to fall in clumps rather than shaking out in the desired thin cover. I shook it harder in frustration. Clump. Clump. Clump. By 9:15 I had spread eight bales. Due to the clumping there were still bare spots, despite my efforts to shake out every pile in the dark.

The rain started at 3:30 AM.

This morning the front, side, and back yards are dotted with clumps.

Perhaps if things dry out tomorrow I can work on it some more. However the seed is suspect and my list is long.

This may be yet another case of “she hath done what she could.”

One Response to Seeding the Yard

  1. Missy says:

    You might end up being pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope so!

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