Goodbye, Crabapple

Back in 2010 I bought and planted in front of the apartment an eight-foot crabapple tree. It was a Brandywine crab, which pleased me because of the echo in my mind of the Revolutionary War battle. (Small things make me happy.)

Today the tree is thick-trunked and much larger.

It is also dying.

My teenage helper called me one day this summer while I was in the checkout line at Home Depot in Vermont. He told me he was at the farm and asked if I had any work for him. While busy signing papers for toilets, I told him he could mow the back yard. On his own initiative, he decided to add weedwhacking. He carefully weedwhacked around my Brandywine crab, removing not just the grass, but the bark 10″ high entirely around the circumference.

Girdling trunks was a colonial method for killing trees to clear land, and it is still effective.

It is a struggle sometimes to appear kind and patient.

6 Responses to Goodbye, Crabapple

  1. Jack Merritt says:

    Im sorry about your crab tree, I guess the kid didn’t know what he was doing, and that is too bad, but at least he was trying. I hope you pointed out his error to him so at least he can learn from this.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thanks, Jack. Yes, I told him gently and told him it was OK.

      • RHB says:

        …???…I am still not getting the e-mails that you have posted something on Fairhope Farm….can you help me and tell me what to do?

      • adkmilkmaid says:

        RHB, I’m very sorry, but as I’ve explained, I do not send the notifications or know how to fix them. I know nothing about the WordPress system except how to type my entries. My apologies!

  2. Ned says:

    What Jack said.

    I’d rather have someone motivated that made some mistakes than someone I had to hand hold or worse yet drive to get things done.

    I lost my entire little orchard this year to girdling. My young male Pyrenees took out a section of electric fence and by the time I found it the goats had girdled all but one peach tree. First time around an electric fence and he was probably chasing a fox or coyote. I’ll just start over this fall.

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