Yesterday morning I was back to feeling 90% and had to move the sheep early before leaving for Vermont. It was a beautiful blue day, a colder version of that morning sixteen years ago.

Though the lawn near the house was wet, there was heavy frost at the bottom of the field. As I gathered the frozen fence my gloveless hands quickly went numb. My old boots leak, so soon my feet, too, were aching lumps. Well, this is miserable, I thought as I trudged in increasingly wet jeans through the frosted grass.

Just then a crow and a broadwinged hawk flew overhead in a tangled barrel roll. It wasn’t clear who was harassing whom, as both were screeching as they winged past through the pale blue sky.

To me it was if God tapped me on the shoulder. Pay attention to all this beauty around you! The world is alive and full of wonder!

I can’t ever forget how lucky I am.

2 Responses to 9/11

  1. Ned says:

    Too often we forget how truly blessed we are. Even on our worst days.

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