Cold Moving In

Colder weather is finally here. It is 16° F this morning and on Friday it will drop to single digits. This is great news for the skiers in my family, but on the farm I am far from ready. None of my fall clean-up has been done, none of my prep for winter, and despite all my good intentions I have not hung a single fencing panel for the welded wire paddock. Gee, what the heck have I been doing?

I had made a “WHILE DH IS AWAY” list and posted it on the refrigerator for the week while he was gone. These were chores cherry-picked from the giant master FALL 2017 to-do list plus my running THIS WEEKEND list. Working steadily before and after my teaching day, I was able to cross off 23 chores from this new list. Unfortunately the list had 76.

Thanksgiving vacation (a new concept for my school) is coming up in another fortnight. While I’m looking forward to the break, the new schedule is squeezing my curriculum. I am short three teaching days. Therefore I have printed out a big block calendar for the next two weeks, plotting exactly what I’m teaching each period — and what I’m leaving out. I’ve noted the weather. Finally, I’m writing in the chores that I can reasonably expect to accomplish on the farm in the two hours before darkness at 5 PM, and then inside the house during the hour that dinner is cooking. The days are jam-packed.

I’m already committed to a project today, but tomorrow after work I’ll focus on the farm. Despite my considerable experience to the contrary, writing down my plan always buoys me with the happy confidence that I can get it all done.

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