Dump Trip Score

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been making regular weekend trips to the dump with ruined items from our storage unit. It’s a sad process. However, last weekend I got lucky.

In the metal pile I found this Vermont Cart from the 1980s. The frame and wheels are in nearly perfect condition. The original exterior-grade plywood sheathing had rotted out and been replaced with OSB. The OSB had rotted out and been patched with a second sheet of OSB. That had rotted in turn.

Obviously this item was calling my name. After decanting my dump load, I hurried in the truck to the Vermont Cart. A man was walking toward it, his eyes alight. My glove reached the handle first.

He stopped. “Nice find,” he said wistfully.

The double layer of soaked and frozen OSB made the cart weigh a ton. I wasn’t sure I could lift it over the tailgate and into the truck. However avarice lent me strength. I levered the icy cart up and then shoved it, puffing, safely in. It was so heavy it offset most of my heavy incoming load.  I paid my $6 fee and drove out of the dump with a light heart.

Next summer I will take the cart apart and replace the OSB with 1/2″ treated plywood from the bunkhouse.

Because you know I need another project.

* * *

… Two more long work days until vacation starts Sunday evening.

One Response to Dump Trip Score

  1. Newly says:

    What a score, Sel! That’s wonderful. I’m picturing the cart full of zone 3-worthy perennials. xoxo

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