We Made It!

I hadn’t slept after midnight and by yesterday afternoon was so tired I went to bed right after supper. However, we made it through. DH and I are on vacation.

I seem to be coming down with something but I am resolutely trying to ignore it. After so much anticipation, I cannot be sick this week.

It is 15° F, lightly snowing, and windy today with a windchill of 3°. DH and I had our coffee and tea sitting by a fire in the living room stove. After years of heating with wood stoves, I had been troubled by the “fakery” of propane. However, to be able to push a button and immediately settle down with a mug next to dancing flames with no fuss or mess seems miraculous.

“I know it’s fake,” I said, sipping my coffee. “But I think we’ll really enjoy it when we’re old.”

“I am old,” said DH comfortably. “I already enjoy it.”

  *   *  *

Postscript. It turns out DH is not on vacation. However, his hours will be shorter, he will have time for exercise each day, and we can have dinner together every night. That almost feels like vacation.

One Response to We Made It!

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Hooray! Enjoy the warmth and companionship of the stove…

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