Working on My Office

Between other projects I’m slowly trying to set up my office. I spend my work life with books and paper and if I don’t have a system I soon become buried in disheveled stacks. Last June I swept all my scattered files into boxes; half a dozen are still waiting to be unpacked.

I designed this office to suit me. It’s 8′ x 12′. I have four short filing cabinets and one tall one, five floor-to-ceiling bookcases (they were our living room bookcases for many years), and a big birch door desk and swivel chair. I have a window that looks out on the front porch and north field (— and thankfully, no longer a 6×6 porch post). I know I will love this cozy space, and when I get it finished I will share some photos.

Meanwhile in my spare time I am trying to start a major writing project.  Plotting is difficult for me.  As with higher math, my brain can do the work but resists the discipline. To help me find the arc of the story, I want to move around index cards on a wall. Thus I was searching for a big bulletin board. When I looked in the obvious places I discovered that cork bulletin boards are both expensive and almost always poorly reviewed.

I picked up a $25 piece of homasote and cut it to fit my space.

Homasote is an excellent product but it grey and rough and not very attractive. I have an inexpensive roll of burlap. I wrapped the homasote in burlap and stapled it tightly.

Balancing the 4′ x 5′ board on stacks of books, I maneuvered it into position and drilled it into the studs.

Voilà. It’s not perfect but it’s clean and neat and functional, all I require. Soon I will probably cut and wrap the remaining piece to continue the bulletin board around the corner. And someday I will find another scrap of door to continue the desk over the last cabinets to the wall. (Right now I’m using a piece of last summer’s temporary kitchen counter top.)

Little by little.

3 Responses to Working on My Office

  1. adkmilkmaid says:

    My friend Marie just emailed with photos of her use of homasote, which she covered with beautiful upholstery fabric. It looks stunning, and I am keeping the photos for inspiration. Someday when my pockets are more flush, I’ll upgrade from garden burlap!

  2. Mac West says:

    Lovely. One feather at a time…

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