Last night DH was out working until 9 PM. Apart from barn chores, running into town to pick up meds, and walking the dogs, I had about four free hours. In my life of hurry, this is unbelievable bounty. There are projects and pressing chores everywhere I turn. I could have gotten so much done.

For some reason, however, I did nothing. I have a million tricks to stay disciplined and keep myself on task. I tried none of them. I just turned on the stove and read in front of the fire with the dogs at my feet. Except for a few minutes before falling asleep, I rarely have time to read for pleasure these days. It was cozy.

Today, however, as I look at the list of all the projects waiting to be tackled, messes to be dealt with, and term reports to be written, I am rueful. I have reader’s remorse.

2 Responses to Rebellion

  1. Ned says:

    Sometimes we just need to stop and recharge our batteries. Your subconscious decided to take over and take advantage of the available free time.

    Take care

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