Our Top Christmas Present

… due for delivery December 25, arrived early!

Our dear daughter-in-law, Amanda, went into labor early Friday morning. She and Jon drove to the hospital that afternoon. All through Friday night I threw off the covers and crept downstairs to monitor the email updates from Jon. The difficult labor went on for more than 40 hours. At 7:47 PM, December 16, our granddaughter, Amelie (called “Ami,” pronounced Ah-me) was born.

After the tough delivery and considerable blood loss, Amanda preferred to wait until she had showered before her photo was taken, so all our pictures so far feature the proud dad.

Though doctors had had serious concerns for the baby’s health throughout the pregnancy, requiring MRIs and weekly check-ups, Ami was born strong and vigorous. She may need a small surgery at around nine months old, or the problem may disappear entirely. We are blessed.

Oh happy day!



7 Responses to Our Top Christmas Present

  1. Newly says:

    What wonderful news! Welcome, Ami, and congratulations to Jon, Amanda and all the family! xoxo

  2. Shawn says:

    Congratulations to all!!!

  3. Ned says:


  4. Jay Ward says:



  5. adkmilkmaid says:

    Thank you, everyone! I am so happy! 😀

  6. Missy says:

    Congratulations! When I first started reading your blog Jon was just a kid! Time marches on. A lovely blessing!

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