Back in the Saddle Again

On Saturday, “get out the mowers” was on my list. Not because I need to mow (though the grass is turning green, it hasn’t really started to grow yet) but because I needed a lawn tractor to move the sheep shelters. Of the three lawn tractors, not a single one would start. Unfortunately, my jumper cables wouldn’t stretch far enough into the storage unit to reach them. Worse still, the heavy 16 hp Cub Cadet with the brush hog blocked rolling any of the mowers out, and it, too, was dead.

I left a message on Mike’s phone. “Paging Dr. Mike!”

Mike came out yesterday before lunch with a jumper box and one after another, got all the mowers roaring.

The old bladeless Craftsman (the “I-Haul”) was resting on its rim, the tire so weather-rotted that it had a four-inch gash. I use the I-Haul with a cart for picking up stones. With all the earth-moving done last year, I’m going to be rock-picking all summer. Mike took the tire away to replace it.

I was so cheered. The sun was shining, tree swallows were swooping, a bluebird was investigating a nest box… I stood at the top of the property and looked down. [Doubleclick on photo.] There is the garage apartment, the (unfinished) house, the stone retaining walls, the garden shed, the barn, even way off in the distance the sauna, outhouse, and cabin.

There is a huge amount of work ahead to be done. There are waiting chores in every direction. Nevertheless, looking down at my little kingdom I felt a surge of pure happiness.

2 Responses to Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Shawn says:

    You have a beautiful “little kingdom” and you should be very proud and cheered!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thanks so much, Shawn. For me it is sometimes mind-boggling. Fourteen years ago, it was all a tangled forest of blow-down.

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