Waiting for Flora

My Angus heifer, Flora McDonald, has grown considerably this winter. When I bought her in September, Flora was a slim first-calf heifer smaller than Moxie. Now, at almost three, she is just as tall, and as she will calve soon she is wide and ponderous. I always remember my vet, David, telling me in reference to Moxie (a runt when I found her) that cattle have an amazing ability to continue to grow after their first year “if they have good groceries.” I set a generous table. “You spoil them cows,” says Rick, the hay man, when I complain about bad bales.

I’m not sure of Flora’s due date as she had been turned out in a large herd with Hereford bulls “for about a month.” I’m guessing in the next two weeks. I have no experience with beef cow udders but I’m watching Flora’s carefully.

I hope to get the cattle on fresh grass soon. My fences need hours of work after the long winter and I’m swamped at my job. However I’ve written down a list of the necessary steps and with luck I can make a little progress every day.

2 Responses to Waiting for Flora

  1. Shawn says:

    Ahh, Flora’s going to have a little black baldy. At least that’s what we call that cross in our neck of the woods. They are just the cutest calves. I’ve had two calves born this past weekend, and I never tire of seeing the new babies hopping around finding their legs. πŸ™‚

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