Hot Work

It’s hot and humid. Flies are biting. The cows are miserable and wait at the barn gate every morning to come into the dark. It has been too clammy to sleep and I am up each day between 3:00 and 4:00 AM.

Damon was felled by a stomach virus so we have not worked on the driveway. I have been outside every day mowing and weedwhacking and picking rocks. I know intellectually that I am making headway but it’s hard to see because a lot of the work has to be done over again so soon.

I try not to get caught up in worrying about it — my dreams of accomplishment for this week were, as usual, unrealistic — but to keep working slowly and steadily. Progress here has always been incremental. Sometimes the increments have been infinitesimal. I tell myself that as long as I’m moving forward I am fine.

Today marks a month since my builder told me in an angry email that he would be back to me “in a couple of days” with a list of work (paid for a year ago; my mistake) that he would finish this summer. I have heard nothing. This unpleasant situation weighs on me heavily and I try not to think about that, either.


I do chores early tomorrow, put the dogs in the vet, and drive to get Lucy in New Hampshire. It will be a long day on the road but lovely to see her, to visit with New Hampshire family, and to see Jon, Amanda, and Ami in Vermont on our way home. The air-conditioned car will be nice, too.


2 Responses to Hot Work

  1. Shawn says:

    Get some bids to finish the work. Then let him know those will be the amounts that he will be expected to reimburse you if you have to hire someone else to do it. Let him know you’ll contact the BBB if he doesn’t respond in a timely manner. He’s going to push you to the background until you squeak loud enough.
    You should be prepared to pay someone else to do the work and sue him for those costs.
    I’d definitely get someone going on painting the house, as you don’t want that sitting there another winter unfinished.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      These are good thoughts. Confrontation is so hard for me, even in its mildest form, that I shrink. But I do need the house exterior painted, and also the chimney bricked. It would be nice to have the last light fixtures and not naked bulbs, and have the holes in the sheetrock from repairing the water leak repaired. Meanwhile DH is unhappy that we are going through a second summer without our screen porch. All of the rest of the interior stuff I can manage to do myself (painting). Thanks so much for your input, Shawn.

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