Daily Humor

I have been loading my wagon with rocks from the yard. I’ve deliberately thrown all the hundreds of stones in the back, so it would be easier to tip and unload. Nevertheless, I completely forgot this basic fact when I went to drop the wagon so I could use the truck for another chore. Carefully I set the jack, chocked the wheels to keep them from rolling, and drew out the hitch pin. The wagon tongue abruptly rose in the air as the wagon box slammed down under the weight of 400 pounds of rocks.

I was startled — and then I found myself laughing helplessly.

Where was Allen? In my mind I could see his shoulders shaking as he wiped his eyes. He once watched me do the exact same thing, unhitching a trailer with a heavy tiller and having the trailer jack-knife.

My brain works pretty well in certain respects but in others… a definite blank. “You ain’t really dumb,” Allen reassured me.

I now can’t move the wagon — my sitting on the tongue does nothing — and short of unloading and reloading the box, I will need to wait until Damon returns and can push down the tongue with the excavator bucket.

I am working steadily all day every day. I am not making a great deal of progress in any one area but very, very gradually the landscape is becoming tidier. Nothing is happening on the house.



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