The Hammock

Lucy has wanted a hammock for years. Five? More? A hammock has always shown up on her birthday list.

I don’t know why I never found her a hammock, even a used one, but with everything else going on (moving twice, building a house, dealing with an errant contractor) I never did.  I happened to mention it to DH and he bought her an inexpensive one from a street market on last week’s business trip to Guatemala. He gave it to her yesterday.

Today I bought eyebolts, drilled them in, and hung it up. Someday this corner will be a screen porch. It may even have porch furniture. But for now, Lucy is happy reading in her hammock.



3 Responses to The Hammock

  1. Jean Marchildon says:

    Nice hammock – beautiful Lucy!

  2. So glad you finally made another post to read and enjoy….I so wish it could be EVERY day.

  3. Missy says:

    A hammock is a tiny moment of peace and relaxation in a day. You should sit in it sometimes too! 😉

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