A Shopping Trip

Yesterday Lucy and I left at 8 AM to drop the dogs to stay at the vet (DH being away) while we were in Vermont for the day. We have scheduled twice-annual trips to Burlington for the dentist since she was a baby. Years ago, Jon, Lucy, and I would all take the day off from school and while in Vermont we would do all our big-city shopping. Now it’s just Lucy and me, she is taller than I am, and she sometimes takes the wheel. But it’s still fun, nostalgic for me, and a great opportunity to spend hours in the car chatting with my girl.

After our dental appointments we headed to the mall for some back-to-school shopping. Given that we had to squeeze in four hours of driving, an hour at the dentist, and a half an hour on each end to tend to the dogs, it was a bit of a Marx Bros. rush through the clothing racks. Still, we found a couple of pretty shirts at J. C. Penney and a denim jacket and pair of shorts on clearance at Old Navy.

However we were searching for jeans. At 5′ 11″, with her Nana’s narrow hips and her skier’s muscled thighs (think Eric Heiden), Lucy is tough to fit in jeans. She tried on pair after pair in store after store. If they fit in the waist, they were sausage casings on her thighs. If they fit in the thigh, they gapped four inches around her waist. If by some miracle they fit everywhere else, they were inevitably half a foot too short. Naturally, the style from a few years ago that fit her perfectly is no longer made.

But even the struggle with jeans is nostalgic. When she was little, I (not a seamstress) used to fold the waistband of any elastic pants in a pleat and stitch it in back to make the pants stay up on her hips. Other styles she simply rolled down from the top. Poor Lucy always wore her shirts long to cover the lumps of extra material. Needless to say, she was an undemanding child. Once she became a teen, however, I discovered Ebay. Now our quest is simpler: if nothing in the store fits, find any style that works and Mom will find them online! Last night I searched for and found a pair of her old jeans on Ebay and ordered them.

It was a long but happy day. I am storing them up carefully, like a squirrel.

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