Getting Ready

By now I should know better than to have announced plans for my day. Due to tight scheduling at the rental store, yesterday morning the skidsteer I hired for driveway work was delivered a day early. I was just starting my project when I heard the noise of a diesel engine starting up. Damon had come out to move the mess of concrete and boulders left on the driveway after putting in the culvert.

This was a lucky development. Most rental heavy equipment is fitted with an internal timer. Every eight hours equals one day’s rental. Given Damon’s precarious health, eight hours is a very long day. Getting one hour of preparation out of the way before the real work started was a great boon.

Damon and I have hoped to finish the driveway since June. One thing after another has come up. But finally it is all coordinated. I rented the skidsteer. The quarry half an hour away agreed to take my credit card. (The big expense in building the driveway is not the stone and gravel, but the trucking of it. Usually the quarry works with private customers on a cash-only basis, which would have precluded this project, but Damon serves as my character reference.)

Today the quarry will be sending a relay of two tandem trucks back and forth all day until we are done.  The first truck will be loaded at 6:30 AM and should arrive at 7. Damon will be here, too. I will drive DH’s car and my truck up to the highway so they are not boxed in.

Yesterday Damon had not been sure he could pick up the big chunks of concrete foundation with the skidsteer. “If I can’t, you’ll have to run my machine,” he said, referring to his excavator. “We’ll use both, do it together.” He knows I am deathly afraid of heavy equipment, and laughed loudly at my aghast expression. However, although the skidsteer rocked and tipped, he was able to pick up the concrete. He carried it carefully down the driveway and dropped it in the hole by the pond.

In a little over an hour, all the mess had been cleaned away. Not bad for a one-legged man who’s legally blind!

Today the sky is dark and threatening. All week, as we set up our plan, the forecast has been for clouds. This morning they are saying possible thunderstorms. Of course they are! Fingers crossed.

I’m jumping into my jeans and heading out.

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