A New Job

I have taken on a new job at school, teaching an extra class. I resisted, but I was asked to do so by an old friend with a combination of pleading and flattery — “No one could do it as well as you!”

I resisted because my schedule was perfect as it was: a comfortable level of stress, predictable days, time to refine and improve my already existing classes. Why would I take on an extra 1:1 reading tutorial which would need me to acquire an entirely new skillset? Well — I like the child, I want to be a team player (and perhaps improve my chances for a job after DH leaves), I like a challenge, and — I can almost never say no.

The result is that I am spending a couple of hours every day reading and researching how best to help this boy. I was already juggling a daunting list of school work and farm chores. Now managing my time feels almost impossible. Every minute is spoken for.

Meanwhile the weather forecast is for snow almost every day this week, the farm is nowhere near ready for winter (fencing, mowers, and shelters scattered everywhere) I’m still selling sheep, DH and I have two memorial services to attend, he is on the road two other days, we each are showing evening movies to students on two different nights, and we have houseguests arriving for the weekend.

It’s all fine, the new work is rewarding, but I’m moving so quickly my hair is practically on fire.


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