I Need to Get Over It

It is snowing. According to weather reports, we may get 5-8″ of snow. I have been outside for four hours in the cold, rushing to get sheep netting taken down and rolled, covers cut off summer shelters, water troughs put away. House guests are on their way, arriving in a few hours. I have to tidy the messy house and make beds.

However through the blowing flakes I just noticed that my builder has been here in the last few days while I was at work. He has taken his ladder off the roof, and removed all his scaffolding.

I have not heard from him in over a month. When I wrote to him three weeks ago to say the chimney brick had arrived, he did not respond.

It’s hard to explain how betrayed I feel. He was here! He was on my roof! When he hasn’t bothered to communicate with me!

DH is a patient person but he is puzzled by my reaction. “Isn’t it clear he’s not going to do the work? Why do you keep believing that he will redeem himself?”

Just the other day I found and reread the email from a year ago when the builder told me he would return to finish the work in May.

I believe in redemption. But this bitter feeling of betrayal has dripped poison in my heart for six months and I have to let it go.

4 Responses to I Need to Get Over It

  1. alana says:

    Yes, let it go but then sue the bastard.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Ha ha. But I am not someone who sues another person. (Maybe under terrible circumstances a corporation?)

      • alana says:

        Agreed. I myself abhore sueing another person but I get so bloody angry at people who feel it’s okay to screw someone over. How do they sleep at night? There must be retribution..I can’t see you, esp. a woman, get raked over the coals. The guy should not get away with it. I hope your situation w/ him gets resolved. Love your posts 😊

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    This builder stole from you…report him to the Better Business Bureau or the Carpenter’s Union, make it known about his work ethic. You will have to hire another carpenter, so you will have paid twice. He’s damn lucky he did not have to deal with me or Ed!
    Shame on him….

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