The past month was a challenge. It seemed as if it was non-stop work, punctuated by exhausting alarums: 20 tons of gravel dumped on the septic tank! house water pump fails! pump is replaced and we have iron-red water for a week! excavator to fix the gravel problem breaks down! barn water trough fails! electric in the barn fails!  Constant emergency problem-solving… all while skies were gloomy, snow was falling steadily, my teaching schedule was pressured with evening activities, and I was not sleeping due to the time change.

However yesterday afternoon I finished my fall term reports and today I have surfaced into calm. I still have plenty of work to do but the heart-thumping sense of scrambling to outrun an avalanche has passed.

Among other chores, today I will spend a couple of hours drilling holes and running wires to set up our old stereo system in the living room. It’s not really the season of joy without Christmas music! Hallelujah!

(I’ve always wished to be surrounded by a singing flash mob, but sadly never have. Clearly I don’t shop enough.)

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