It’s Summer Vacation

… and spring has just arrived! Winter lingered late this year. It snowed May 13. My lilac blossoms have just begun to open and the apple trees are still in bloom.

This was a long, dark, tough winter. I lost my balance for a while. I couldn’t write with anything approaching calm or acceptance, so I stopped writing. Then came the shocking death of our dear friend Tom. (More about this another day.) Meanwhile the goodbyes for DH’s retirement kept me looking back to the past. Everything seemed to be sad and over.

But on Thursday at 2 PM I finished my last student reports, and that afternoon the clouds broke and the sun came out, seemingly for the first time in months.

Everything on the farm is shabby, overgrown, a mess. It turns out DH has unthinkingly made commitments that will keep him gone from July 3 until September 3, and he has to travel for work before then. However, Lucy is home for the summer and for the next twelve weeks I am on vacation, with no boss but myself.

Yesterday I began working on my Vacation To-Do List. Even before I add all the unfinished contractor work on the house, the list is two pages, double-columns, single-spaced. But yesterday I fired up the mower to start to tame the landscape and mowed for two hours. I hung the flag from the porch. I began pulling weeds and did three loads of laundry.

I’m ready! And I’m back!

6 Responses to It’s Summer Vacation

  1. Jenna says:

    Glad your back! I have missed your writing!

  2. Newly says:

    So very happy you are writing here again! xoxo

  3. Jack Merritt says:

    Hi Im glad also that your back. I hope that you keep things calm, remember there is another day a head, and nothing is as important as your health. We all missed you but we want you healthy first.

  4. Lilachill says:

    Glad you are back and enjoying the outdoors.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you, all. I hope I can post through most of the summer. When the sun is shining, I feel I can do anything! 🙂

  5. Mac West says:


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