A Maine Wedding

Saturday morning DH and I drove to Maine to the wedding of his cousin Valerie. I first met Val at Christmas, 1983. I think she was 14 then. It was lovely to see her now beaming with joy.

It was also great to connect with so many of DH’s clan. We were able to stay overnight with his wonderful Uncle Ed and Aunt Elaine in their house on the Maine shore. Here we are with his sisters, cousins, and assorted spouses in front of the church, waiting for the wedding party to arrive.

The reception was held in the upper floor of an old village fire station.

It is always challenging to get away. I had been in my Carhartts fencing for the cows and moving the sheep at 5 AM. However it was a pleasure to have the hours in the car, talking and laughing with DH, and so very heartwarming to see everyone. Many years and many memories!

We got home at 5 PM last night. DH unpacked, repacked, and left at 5 AM today for a last business trip to Colorado. He officially retires in six days.

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