My Warren Connection

I didn’t watch any of the Democratic debates. I never watch. But I have heard about them from DH, Lucy, and Jon.

Today I am reading the many comments in the papers and online about Elizabeth Warren and her “teacherly tone.” This tone clearly doesn’t seem to be an asset.

The use of the phrase brought back something Lucy told me last winter. She said she had watched an interview with Elizabeth Warren and thought to herself, Who does she remind me of? “A bit of a Southern tinge to her voice, a teacherly tone… It’s Mom!”

Oh, dear! I suppose I’ll have to watch Ms. Warren on television at some point, but now… I am a little nervous. Ha ha.

3 Responses to My Warren Connection

  1. Jack says:

    I like Lucy’s thoughts.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      They made me smile. I myself think of my “teacher voice” as that loud, stern, commanding snap that can halt a stampede of 7th grade boys in their tracks. 🙂 I very rarely need to use it.

  2. Michelle Canfield says:

    you do look a little like her too!

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