photo-782827-11As one with a head full of dreams, I’m never happier than when I’m elbow-deep in a project. Fairhope has given me so many opportunities for joy.

Sometimes it’s a small project like clearing brush and fencing for a pasture, which just requires hours of no-brain grunt labor (my specialty, as I don’t have a lot of skills). Other times it has been a big project, like tearing down a house, building a a cabin for my husband, or helping to trench for water to the barn.

For most of the big projects I’ve hired men (often in big machines) to work with me. DH is not involved except as an appreciative audience when it’s all done. He was brought up in apartments and, for him, to spend his scant free time mowing or shoveling or wielding a hammer would be torture, as if someone asked me to take a calculus exam for pleasure.

In the coming months I hope to put up photos and stories of the following projects, to remember them for our children.

  • crushing Scott’s house
  • the big bonfires: burning acres of brush
  • logging the land
  • stumping and clearing
  • building the barn
  • building the barn interior
  • building the cabin
  • trenching for water and electric
  • building the garage


I also want to share brief glimpses of some special people. Over the years half a dozen men have patiently taught me the very few, very rudimentary practical skills I have, and in between the blisters and bad weather, hard work and black flies, I’ve had so much fun with them. So many laughs. They are the best.

  • Dad
  • Tommy
  • John
  • Gary
  • Dean
  • Allen

7 Responses to Projects

  1. Dolores says:

    Looking for plans to build a holding chute for shearing, etc. For sheep Got two a curacel mix ewe and a navajo Charro ewe, Pets. It was rough this Hand shearing, . Can only get better. And info greatly appreciated. Thanks Dolores

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Hi Dolores. I don’t have plans for a chute but the simplest thing for you might be a sheep stanchion, also known as a head-catch. I built one last winter. Here’s the post:

      There are no plans for this either but essentially you want a 2×4 bar that pivots at the bottom on a bolt, and locks at the top with another bolt. I made a mistake with mine; for strength the pin bolt at the top should go through the front and back spacer bars PLUS the pivot bar. It works the way I did it, but when I have ten minutes on my hands I’ll drill another, correct hole.

  2. Tara says:

    You are one very cool woman 🙂

  3. Gene says:

    Very impressive!!

  4. Adam says:

    I love your garage apartment!! Do you happen to know where you got the plans to build it or have a copy handy? I love how you maximized the space in the Living Room/Kitchen area. This is exactly what I want to build.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Hi Adam. Thanks for your kind words. The garage apartment is a kit from Shelter-Kit in New Hampshire. They are a great company.

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