This Land

Clowning on the porch, 2003

Home, Sweet Home? Happy new owner on Scott's rotting porch, 2002

Buying this land took more than twenty years. I first walked the property back in 1983. In those days, just out of college and new to the High Peaks, I was so land-hungry that in my free time I was always parking my car at roadsides and hiking over wooded back acres and even clambering inside abandoned houses. (It’s fun today to meet new owners of those houses — now beautifully restored — and remember squeezing through a hole in a crumbling foundation, or past a door sagging on its hinges, back in 1985!)


the cabin

Hurricane Farm

detour away


bought and condemned

property next door


One Response to This Land

  1. Jack says:

    Enjoyed your story , keep it up . By the way your truck could pull a bale over , that happened to be standing on its end . Just put a rope on the top it will pull over . Good luck and keep on blogging .

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